The first phase of the CARBONYN project aims to bring data science to a wider audience.

The goal is to provide data scientists with an in-depth understanding of how to use data, and how to share that understanding with the wider data community.

The CARBONS research is centered around data analysis and modeling.

This has been done in several ways, including the publication of the first paper in the Data Science Certification (DSC) series, the publication and certification of a book, and the publication in 2017 of a course.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to data science and data analysis, and it is intended for both data analysts and data scientists.

It is an introduction that will be useful for anyone who wants to take data science further.

The program is being taught by the University of Waterloo’s Data Science and Data Analytics Lab, which has a history of producing cutting edge research in the field.

Data Science has become an increasingly important part of the research landscape.

We have seen a proliferation of data science labs across Canada.

The Data Science Institute at the University is also a member of the Carnegie Science Center.

We are also proud to have participated in a number of other important data science activities.

We were honored to be chosen as one of three partners in the 2016 Data Science Challenge, and in 2017 we were one of five participating teams to have our research published in the Canadian Journal of Science.

We hope that our collaboration with CARBONE will help us continue to bring together the most advanced researchers from across the world, and build on our reputation as one the leading data science research labs in Canada.

We are looking forward to sharing more information about the project and the program as we move forward.