How did the media treat the ‘crisis’ of climate change?

FourFourFourTwo News understands that the media’s reaction to the climate crisis was muted, despite a number of warnings that the issue was heading for crisis.

In fact, the major media outlets were more concerned about their own vested interests than they were about climate change.

“They were scared, because they were so used to reporting on the Kardashians,” said one expert on the environment.

“They didn’t want to go there.

They didn- they didn’t feel the need to go on the front pages of newspapers.

The main thing they were concerned about was that people were going to be distracted by this.

That was their biggest concern.”

Another expert, however, said the media had a different perspective.

“I think they were more interested in the ‘war on coal’,” she said.

“The issue was about a lot more than coal.

It was about the destruction of the environment and people’s livelihoods.”

It’s also about jobs and livelihoods in the mining industry.

“The focus of the media was not on the issues surrounding climate change, but rather on how to reduce CO2 emissions.

In this way, the media ignored the real issues, like the need for action to reduce emissions, and instead focussed on the ‘environmental crisis’.”

I don’t think they had any awareness that the environmental crisis was being driven by the CO2 crisis,” said the scientist.

He said there was a real lack of political will to tackle the crisis.”

There is a lot of blame going to the states, and it’s just that the states aren’t interested in doing anything about it,” he said.

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