Popular science defines science fiction

Popular science has come under fire from some over the definition of the word “science fiction” in the new edition of the dictionary.

In the revised version, “science” is replaced by “genre”, as does the term “science-fiction”.

In the first edition, the word science was spelled “sci-fi”, with the word in the dictionary as “science”, not “science”.

The word “sci” was changed to “science, science-fiction” in 2016 to match its English equivalent.

According to the dictionary’s definition of “science and technology” in 2019, “a field that studies or deals with physical phenomena and processes in nature”.

It said that “science,” which is a generic term used to describe a variety of scientific research, was also a “science genre” that is “specifically interested in the study of a subject or phenomenon”.

The term “genre” is used in the updated definition of science fiction to describe any type of literary, dramatic, or artistic work or artistic expression that is not related to science.

“The original term was ‘science fiction’ which is not a scientific genre but a broad term which includes a broad range of works which are generally considered to be science fiction,” the dictionary said in a statement.

“In the new dictionary, the term ‘genre’ is used to define a specific set of works that are generally associated with the term.

The definition does not include works by authors who are not science fiction writers.”

A spokesperson for the British Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (BSFS), which is publishing the dictionary, said it had consulted with the BSI about the changes.”BSFS welcomes the revised definition of ‘science’ in the Dictionary,” the group’s director of communications, Andrew Stokes, said.

“Science fiction is a broad genre and encompasses many forms of storytelling, ranging from the fantasy to the sci-fi to the paranormal.”

We are pleased to see that the dictionary recognises the breadth of the genre and the wide range of work that is associated with it.

“There are a range of genres in which ‘science-fantasy’ and ‘science horror’ are the same, and we welcome the inclusion of these two terms in the revised dictionary.”

He added: “The BSI is committed to the advancement of science and technology, and welcomes the introduction of the revised ‘genre’.”