Science fiction,what are science fiction,and what is a science fiction book?

Science fiction is a genre of fiction that has been around since the early 20th century, but its influence can be felt even now.

It’s often described as the subgenre of science fiction written by women, and its protagonists often feature powerful female characters, often of a more traditional gender.

Science fiction, like most genre categories, includes both male and female protagonists, but the genre’s definition has been controversial and its impact is unclear.

In this edition of the Science Fiction & Fantasy podcast, we talk to some of the people who make up the science fiction community about what makes science fiction different from other genres.

Topics include why science fiction is different, what makes a good science fiction novel, and what makes it worth reading.

What’s a science-fiction novel?

What is a ‘science-fiction book’?

Why does science fiction need female protagonists?

The difference between a science novel and a thriller What makes a great science fiction story?

Are there any genres of science-fictional fiction that aren’t science fiction?

Is science fiction more popular in Australia?

How does the science of science fit into the real world?