Science of Exercising for the Better

Science and fitness are becoming increasingly interwoven into everyday life.

For a number of reasons, that’s a great time to start exploring both, the science of exercising and the exercise science of nutrition.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that exercise is indeed a good way to build and strengthen the brain, reduce inflammation, improve mood, and even boost memory and concentration.

That’s not to say that we should all start taking exercise regularly, though, since it does seem to be a good idea to keep some distance between you and the gym.

Here are six reasons why exercise is the best form of health, science, and wellness:1.

Exercise is good for the brain2.

Exercise increases the quantity and quality of your brain3.

Exercise helps you burn fat4.

Exercise makes you feel happy and fulfilled5.

Exercise can be a source of good sleep6.

Exercise stimulates your immune system7.

Exercise improves memory and mood8.

Exercise keeps your mind alert and engaged9.

Exercise boosts the immune system10.

Exercise promotes your immune function11.

Exercise reduces inflammation12.

Exercise restores energy and mood13.

Exercise burns fat14.

Exercise strengthens the immune function15.

Exercise slows the progression of cancer and cardiovascular disease16.

Exercise speeds up your metabolism17.

Exercise has a number