What does it mean to be a “vaccine junkie”?

The term “vaccines junkie” is a pejorative used to describe a person who does not believe in the safety of vaccines.

It is a term that has been used to demean those who are not vaccine skeptics.

It was coined by an American author, Robert Cialdini, in his book, Vaccines, the Science Behind Them, published in 1998.

He coined the term because he felt that the mainstream media did not tell the truth about vaccines.

“A vaccine junkie is someone who is not vaccinated, who is reluctant to take the shot, and who does NOT vaccinate his children because of their religious beliefs,” Cialdei wrote.

“I’ve met countless people who are vaccine junkies, and they all have the same basic problem.

They’re afraid to take shots, because they are scared of a vaccine.

It’s a moral dilemma that is not new.

It dates back to the days of Roman Emperor Nero, when he ordered the slaughter of the Jews because they were refusing to give up their religious faith and turn back to Christianity.”

But now the vaccination rate has skyrocketed.

There are more vaccines being given out than ever before, and there are millions of vaccines being made.

It would be unfair to judge a vaccine junket as a disease, and it would be a mistake to say that it is a disease.

Vaccines have been proven to be extremely safe and effective, and vaccines are used in every single medical procedure.

“However, when people claim that they are not vaccinated because they have religious objections, they are ignoring all of the scientific evidence and the evidence that clearly shows vaccines are safe.”

As a result, many people are not vaccinating their children because they feel they have no choice.

Vaccination is not a disease.

Millions of people have been saved by vaccines. “

The truth is, vaccines work and vaccines have saved lives.

Millions of people have been saved by vaccines.

So the way to protect yourself is to have faith in the system. “

But it’s also the case that if you have no faith, you don’t have the ability to exercise your free will.

So the way to protect yourself is to have faith in the system.

And I believe that you can exercise your faith in science.”

The vaccine junketer’s fear is not irrational.

Vaccine skeptics are people who have no other option but to opt out of vaccinating children.

The idea that you have to opt in to be vaccinated is so ingrained in our culture that it has become a religion, Cialdi said.

“We have to take it as gospel that vaccines are going to save us all.

And the more that we are told that vaccines work, the more it is hard for us to take that as a real scientific fact.”