Why are we so scared of the new TV series from Discovery Science?

Discovery Science’s new science-themed show, Discovery, premiered on Thursday night and the first episode is already drawing some controversy.

The network released a trailer with a picture of the show and then a quote from a fictional scientist named Professor William Jennings Bryan.

That quote appears in the series’ opening sequence, which introduces Bryan as a scientist in the middle of an explosion.

The quote, according to the network, is meant to show Bryan that “the science is not only real but real, and the world is not a blank slate.”

Critics of Discovery’s science program have slammed the clip as a racist slur, pointing out that Bryan is white.

“We are not just saying that he’s white.

We’re saying that Bryan’s a white person,” one user wrote on YouTube.”

He is not in this show because he is white, but because he’s a scientist.

That’s what they’re trying to imply, and I’m going to be clear about that,” Bryan’s lawyer, Robert A. Kastor, told BuzzFeed News in an email.

Kastor said Discovery is “not in the business of being racist.”

“It’s not a show about race,” he said.

“It’s a show that deals with science and exploration.

We do not discriminate against anyone.

The show is about science and the universe.”

In a statement, Discovery’s executive producer, Jennifer Lee, said, “The clip is very upsetting to anyone who has seen the show.”

In the show, the show’s main character, Professor Bryan, is a science teacher and has been teaching the students about the cosmos since he was a boy.

He is a scientist who, while researching the universe for the show he’s written, discovers a strange phenomenon that could be linked to an asteroid that was hit by an alien spaceship.

The episode begins with Bryan in the office as he teaches his students about asteroid impact, which caused the asteroid to collide with Earth.

But when the episode begins, Bryan discovers something is very wrong with his theory, because there is a new type of alien spacecraft.

Bryan then discovers that the asteroid that exploded on the alien spaceship was actually made of carbon nanotubes, the same material that NASA has been using to build space shuttles.

He decides to test out a new alien spacecraft that he is building.

The aliens’ craft is named the Prometheus, after the Greek god of war.

The Prometheus then crashes into Earth, causing it to erupt in a massive fire, which is eventually attributed to a comet.

But Bryan has a way to save the planet.

The alien craft crashes into a new asteroid, which then sends the Prometheus off into space, which causes it to crash into the moon.

In a deleted scene, Bryan goes to the Prometheus and discovers a mysterious alien spacecraft, which he tries to communicate with.

He eventually gets the answer from the Prometheus.

The ship has two people onboard, and one is an older man named Dr. William Jennings, a white man.

But the other is a woman named Dr-Jill, who is a black woman named Mary Jane.

Beth, the woman Bryan is trying to communicate, and her friend Sam, are in a car that is heading to a space station that’s orbiting Earth.

The scenes in the show that are censored have been removed from the Internet, but the original footage of the episode can still be found on YouTube, and it has been widely shared on Twitter.

Brynson says that Discovery is trying “to be sensitive to the fact that we’re trying something different” and that the show is meant “to give the audience a sense of what is possible.”

Kastar said Discovery’s goal is to create “a series that is engaging and entertaining, and hopefully to be accessible and accessible to everyone.”