Why ‘Science’ is the only comedy about a joke

Science jokes are the least funny of all the jokes.

And they’re not all funny because of a big laugh, but because of something that makes a joke funnier.

So what are science jokes?

We’ve put together a list of 50 of them, with links to each one, to give you a quick, fun peek at some of the most popular ones.

Read on for the full list.

The Top 50 science jokes (and the 10 funniest) Science jokes tend to have the word ‘science’ in the title, because it means the subject of the joke is a scientist.

The title is often followed by a picture of a scientist in a lab, or a computer lab.

Here’s a quick guide to some of our favourites.

“It’s a good time to kill a dragon”.

A classic Science joke, this one is a nod to a famous science experiment which took place in 1932.

The dragon was captured on film, and scientists tested whether the image of the dragon could be reproduced, as it would look different if it was in the wild.

“I don’t believe in God.”

A simple, but effective joke about the Big Bang.

“God is dead”.

The Big Bang theory is a cosmological theory that suggests the universe is expanding at a very fast rate, and that this expansion is accelerating at a faster rate than our universe can contain.

The phrase ‘God is Dead’ is often used as a catchphrase for scientists, as the phrase is sometimes associated with an “atheist” or “non-believer” group.

“A dog’s breakfast”.

The phrase, popularised by US comedian Jerry Seinfeld, means that there is nothing in the universe that can cause a dog to eat a piece of toast.

“Bite the bullet” is an amusing take on the idea of “The Truth”.

“There’s a whole world of conspiracy theories out there”.

A joke that uses the word “conspiracy” in a sarcastic way.

“What’s the problem?

Why can’t you just get on with your life?”

A famous Science joke that has become popular on the internet.

“Is there any doubt?”

“Is that all there is?”

The word “no” is often associated with conspiracy theories, and is often thrown around in science jokes.

“No, it’s not.”

Another famous Science question.

“There are a lot of ways you can look at the universe.”

This is a funny, and often humorous answer to a question.

You can try to think of the Universe as a giant, computer-generated model, but it’s often used to make fun of people who don’t accept the existence of God.

“Where’s the science?”

“Where are you going with this?”

Another science joke that’s become a viral hit.

“This isn’t science, this is satire.”

A classic joke that is based on a famous quote.

“My parents told me science is the art of lying.”

The phrase “My Parents told me” is used often in science, to say that people don’t know much about science, so they tend to lie.

“You can’t prove me wrong!”

A popular science joke, often linked to the Apollo 11 moon landing.

“Why are there no black holes?”

“You’ll find no black hole!”

A classic science joke about how the universe was created.

“If you can’t believe it, why do you believe it?”

The phrase used in this joke is usually used as an insult, and was popularised in 2016 when the phrase was used by rapper Kanye West to describe people who doubt the existence or reality of God, or the universe.

“Don’t forget to take your vitamins.”

This joke is about taking your vitamins before a workout.

“The best way to lose weight is to lose a ton.”

Another popular Science joke about weight loss.

“So how did you become a doctor?”

A joke about a doctor who is an ex-scientist.

“All we need is a little bit of love.”

A humorous joke about science and love, used by comedians Stephen Fry and Michael Parkinson.

“We’ll see what happens.”

A reference to the 2016 film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, which depicts the CIA interrogating Taliban detainees, and the torture techniques used.

“Your life is a gift.”

A joke from a British comedian who became a British Science ambassador.

“But, wait, what?”

A humorous comment about how life is so full of surprises.

“When did this happen?”

“Who are you to judge?”

Another funny science joke.

“Did you hear the latest on the comet?”

“It was the last time we saw this comet before it was discovered.”

A quote from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and a joke about why we need to know about the origins of the universe before we can have any answers.

“Heh, what a great way to start your day.”

Another joke about scientists, and how to get them to stop talking.

“Do you think it